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Dec 16, 2011

Популяризирането на извършваните дейности и възможностите на Университетския Научно-Изследователски Комплекс, неговите предметни области и планове за бъдещо развитие през първата година от проекта беше осъществено чрез провеждането на семинар на 16/12/2011г, в Технически Университет – София.


Virtual Engineering

The Virtual Engineering "CAx"-technologies (CAD/CAM/CAE and VR) for 3D modeling, research and simulation are one of the fields of development which accelerates the innovation process.

The main activities of the Virtual Engineering include:

  • Conceptual design of innovative products and services in a virtual environment  
    3DModeling & Drawing
  • Structure Analysis & Optimization of mechanical structures
    Kinematical & Dynamic Analysis and Animation
  • MEMS Development (sensors, micro actuators etc.)
  • Rapid & Virtual Prototyping

The potential of the Virtual Engineering for development and introducing within different fields as MEMS and energy recuperation is significant, but only partially used so far. Great number of researchers works on the improvement and enhancement of the simulation features of the Virtual Reality. An important topic nowadays are the simulations of MEMS in virtual modeling environment.